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(short description of course) with (image), link to School of Open Course: “Open Policy 101”
include, but not yet created “in development” To be offered in the School of Open.

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(insert intro about the work that is planned, short-form description)

OPN will:

  • Connect policy makers and other interested parties to expert open policy advocates and organizations who are able to provide assistance and support when open policy opportunities arise.
  • Identify and build new open policy resources and/or services only where capacity and expertise does not currently exist, by providing needed resources, information and advice.
  • Provide a baseline level of assistance for open policy opportunities as they arise, to ensure no open policy opportunity goes unfulfilled.
  • Link to, catalog and curate existing and new open policies and open policy resources from around the world.
  • Connect open policy advocates and organizations on a listserv and monthly phone conference to maximize knowledge transfer and cooperation.
  • Build new constituencies and advocates in support of open policies.
  • Operate in a manner respectful of member organizations’ existing messaging, communities and business models.
  • Release all content produced by the OPN under CC BY and data under CC0, in a fully transparent manner on the OPN web site.
  • Release all content produced by the OPN, including the OPN website, under multiple languages.

Work Product: OPN services and resources


  • Setup website, listserv, monthly phone call
  • Register domain name (in process), create logo
  • Secure funding to support OPN activities determined by [insert governance structure]
  • Advertise through OPN member websites, email listservs, and conferences
  • Develop model open policies and bills
  • Develop open policy implementation kits with slides and talking points
  • Provide as-needed consulting / mentoring / networking
    • establish pool of expertise across OPN organizations to support:
      • updating of existing policy frameworks
      • communication on impact and value of open policy
      • creation, adoption and implementation of open policies
      • customization of open policy solutions and strategies
  • Finding, curating and posting existing open policies / laws
    • link out to existing open policy sites (e.g., ROARMAP and OER Policy Registry)


  • Institute for Open Leadership
  • Messaging: media / public relations work
  • Teach key policy stakeholders about open policies through webinars, keynotes, editorials, conference presentations and School of Open classes
  • Research: evaluating existing open policies and writing open policy briefs
    • identify open policy gaps and opportunities within and across countries and sectors
    • provide support for development of new open policy resources
    • support global adoption and implementation including translation and localization of resources
  • OPN fellows program and/or graduate student researchers
  • OPN meetings / convenings for policy makers
  • Ongoing recruitment of experts and leaders to join the efforts around open policy, especially in key areas such as OER.

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